Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of 2013

I always thought that year 2013 will be my year.. The year that I will conquer but..
Here is the sum of it from good to sh*tty :
- got my degree, at last I graduate :')
- found my interest in life, now i really know how i want to spend my life with.
- found the woman I really love, but not so much for her
- and a devastating heart break that I ever experienced
- lost respect to a lot of people especially to my really close friends, all because of money.
- also experiencing the lowest and poorest condition ever in my life. I only ate once a day.

Can't be said the best time of my life, but still good.. People learn a lot from failure and suffering more than a success..
Through the year I became more and more addicted to live alone. So much freedom. Sometimes I did feel bored, there are some thought to hangout with friends or to have a girlfriend, but after I tried to do it, I didn't see any point of it and lost my interest.
Well,I think I'm still not ready for relationship.

Spent my last day of 2013 dinner with my family,

2014 shall be the year I thrive !
Happy New Year !!

Friday, December 27, 2013

A start of something new

I never like to post a story of my life or anything before, yet alone writing my thought is a bit hard. Well,i used to post on tumblr for my personal thought or feeling that seems a bit hard to be tell to others directly, but now I think it's better to post part of my life story to public. Because some of it were pretty exciting to be shared you know. ;)
There's always a start of something new.

Here is my first blog, I hope my story will be entertaining enough for you guys. ;)