Thursday, August 28, 2014

Creating the best possible version of yourself !

I think this new Wong Fu Production movie is really wonderful and caught right into what I meant in my last post. Completely a different kind of romantic story, it's not about finding another perfect partner but it's more about how to be a better person than yourself yesterday.

The world is brighter, happier, lighter.. 
Like a huge weight of pain and fear has been lifted and all you feel is excitement, 
excitement for what's to come, 
excitement for the possibilities, 
at this point is not even about finding another person to love,
it's about finding who you are as a person, 
as a human, 
it's only when you don't have to consider anyone else that you can focus completely on your life and creating the best possible version of yourself

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life quest

I don't know why teenagers these days were so centered in finding boyfriend or girlfriend in young age. They thought that it was everything, becoming a couple is a very important title. To be looked single is the worst thing that could happen. I'm just mortified. Guys..,there are a lot more interesting things out there then trying to find a grilfriend/boyfriend.

Don't get up in the morning to set up a FPP (Finding Prospective Partner) quest. Get up in the morning and set up an adventure ! The world is so big and the science is limitless. There are a lot of unexplored places and unknown things happen out there, which are very very interesting and mind opening. Once you go out and explore you see that your FPP quest doesn't really matter anymore. it's just a small chapter in yourlife, don't make it become everything in your life.

Beautiful isn't it ? make this your life quest and I'm sure you'll be grateful when you are older..

Prana Lim, 

Signing out

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

For a better future !

There's a saying in my place stated that "rich people will become richer and poor people will become poorer" I don't really believe it, no.. It's more that I don't want to believe it. But this statement isn't entirely wrong. Through out my struggle looking for a better future I can see that people with more money can get more, whether it's education, capital or experiences. With more money they can get a better education, higher achievements, which lead them for a better qualifications. Better qualifications means better job. Better job means better life.

See, for example, if you want to get a better life you'll want to work for a big companies, especially MNC companies, but the problem is MNC companies want employees who already got 5-8 years experience or at least an MBA in a recognize university. Which you cannot get without any measurable amount of money.

If your parents have a lot of money you don't really need to be very very smart, GPA 3,9++, IQ 140++,etc. they can just send you to any overseas university, get an MBA or PhD and you already have a nice tickets for a better life and you can save at least 5 years of your life. (MBA is only 2 years and studying overseas gives you a lot more experience than local, which will get a better consideration by the employer)

In a worse case scenario, if they cannot find their dream job they can always go back and continue their family business or start a new business, when they start a nee business, they can start with a bigger initial investment without worries about the risk of losing everything.

That's why it's better to be rich people, for you guys out there whos parents aren't rich. Even though our road is harder and got a lot more obstacles. I believe that our fate is in our hands and we can change it if we want to. Don't give up on life, keep your hopes and dreams, held your head high and walk with pride. Cause one day you'll be successful.

Goodluck !

Friday, June 13, 2014

Thought of giving up

I've walk far enough to chase my dream, I don't know why the road that I took is so rocky and full of thorn. A lot of tries, little success. I'm tired.. Even some of my friends were already close half of their eyes on me, underestimating and see me as a failure. Hahh.. Sometimes I just thought about giving it up and walk a different path. Yes, that thought has crossed over my mind a couple of times. There're a lot of people out there will probably try to lecture me if they know this thought. It's not a good spirit to be a successful person. Yea,I know.. But,there's just a time where you felt so tired and fed up with all the sh*t you faced for the past years (maybe the job, wife, husband, the neighbourhood, the financial situation and many more) and thinking about letting it all go and freeing theirselves up. Some of you might know what I'm talking about. If you don't, don't worry one day you will.

But,this is my dream, things that I hold up the most and I won't settle for less. One day it will pay out, I'm sure it will, hard work will never betray you. If there're some of you guys felt the same way as I do, Here are some quotes the been helping me hang through the hardship.

"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor" - anonymous

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Even if he dies in a ditch, A man should die falling forward" - Sakamoto Ryoma

Goodluck ! :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The progress of human societies

Another thought that came across my mind a few days ago is that people nowadays didn't really communicate with each other, they become colder, and prefer to deal with someone only if they got business with em, Especially if you're just someone ordinary, someone who got nothing, or someone who has lost everything. They just don't care anymore. "if I have nothing to do with you, leave me alone." You were only valuable when you have something they want. Well,the progress of human societies can be tracked through movies though.

Run through your old movie files and find which movies that have the remake. for example, Robocop. if you look at the old movie you can see that they emphasize more in the emotion of the people around him. the old movie contain a lot more chatter than the new movie, the villains taunting and ridiculing first before shooting the main character. even though it doesn't look so real compare to the new movie, which just BOOM and done. less talking more shooting. other movies like Batman, Superman, Total Recall, Dredd, etc. all the same.

You can see that, how different people prefer movies nowadays compare to a few years ago. that's the sign that the modern human grows colder that and more direct than before. I wonder how will we become ten years or twenty years from now.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shine by yourself

The societies nowadays think that the only way to be a winner is to be surrounded by lots of people. To get a lot of likes, to attract attention by controversial, even sacrificing their originality for the shake of keeping "friends". They didn't care if the friends were true or untrue. as long as they can be seen as "popular" but when they can't achieve that, they tend fall into self pity and desperation. Full of negative thought; "Why did they hate me ?" "Why am I the only one like this ?" "Why is this only happen to me ?" "Why am I alone ?" clouded with all the closed door, unable to see another door open. Giving up on life, living in a shadow.

Well what can I say ? Except, Don't give up !!! Even if it's only one person, go out and find someone unique. There gotta be someone out there who clicks with you, someone who has the same quality like you, or maybe your other soul. and for the mean time keep your originality, be yourself, be your"better"self ! Trust me, being alone for a moment with yourself is not as bad as you think, live your life to the fullest and be happy with yourself. Then you'll shine by yourself.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving on !

It's strange enough that I always get pulled to sad people.. I just can help myself.. If I saw sad people, I want to be around them, I want to cheer em up. I'll do anything.. Anything ! To make them happy. I won't leave until they can stand on their feet again. Call it a pride or what. Most of the case, I didn't do it hoping for something in return. Cause I am a lonely guy, and I know how it felt to be alone. How it feels when nobody cares.. It's just the way I am..

No one wants to be around sad sad people, even looking at their sorry ass is bad enough to ruin your day. Well,it's not a good place to be around.. I know, but someone needs to do the dirty job,right ? When someone is sad.. There got to be a person to cheer 'em up.. It could be their bestfriends, boyfriend, girlfriend, family or could be a random stranger.

There's a case when I use to be a random stranger.. And sadness is what drawing us together.. These few months I dedicated myself to help and cheer her. Now that I see happiness already come around her. It's time for me to leave. Happy place is not a place for me to stay, like a fish out of water, I can't breath.. So, gotta find another subject.. ;)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The man that I love and respect

Now I've done with all of my business in M town. Kinda.. Well, I don't really like this town, it's jammed every where, the driver were reckless and assh*lo, and the wind is sandy.. But don't get me wrong there's a positive side of the town. But it can't really be the reason to hold me to stay. The only person who made me reconsider of staying is my grandpa. One of 5 men that I love in this world.. He is old and weak, but what made me respect him the most is his will to live. I never understood the point of staying alive for an old ages. But watching his spirit, made me rethink about it.
Goodbye grandpa, please don't be sad.. I'll make sure to come and visit you often.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Love - The Éros

For this post lets talk about love, not a love of a family or a love between you and your pet but more to your life partner.

First,well.. People got a lot of perspectives about love, but there's one thing for sure, if you love somebody you need to be able to accept that he/she is not perfect. you need to be able to understand your partner when he/she at their worst. you need to be able to understand that he/she can make mistakes. by doing so your relationship will last. forgiveness is the key.

Second, don't try to find someone perfect according to your imagination, you won't find one. most of one's imagination involve great physical appearance. physical appearance won't last long, time will corrode your body, but your personality will keep improving (if the person want to learn over the time). staying with one person for a very long time need something more than a pretty face. choose wisely.

Third If you love someone, you should set them free, if they love you too they'll be back. In theory, yeah.. It easier to be said than done. I won't sugarcoat it, when you love someone it's certain that you'll have expectation. You definately want to be with the one you love as long as possible, you don't want them to leave yourside or go too far away from you.

There are many kind of love but one of it can also mean obsession or wanting to have something for oneself. Not trying to be a hypocrite, I'm also like that. Even though I always try to set them free, giving them the freedom to do what they want and be what they want. but sometimes it's just hard to part away, distance is never friendly.

The last thing is, express what you really feel, tell the one you love what's inside your heart. because you never know how or when he/she will be taken away from you. appreciate the time you have with the one you love. 

Here is a touching testimony of a wife.
* try to open the videos through PC ye

P.S. HUG is the best medicine for a weary heart. ;)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love and respect

There'll be a day when you out grew your parents.. Your mom, your dad.. Who were once your figure head, the one you admire and who you want to become. There'll be a day when you got out with your parents and people will see that you are the alpha, the one who lead. Your parents will no longer dominant, you are the one who will do the talking and greetings.

So be patience and forge yourself. keep your respect and love your parents until that day come, no.. Keep it even after that day had past. Because to be a great man, a great leader, one must learn how to love and respect. And it's start from your smallest environment.

Friday, March 14, 2014

From a Girl's Point of View

“You cannot argue with the untrained man under thirty-five. In fact, I never argue with anybody, either man or woman, because women are not reasonable beings and men are too reasonable. I never am willing to follow a chain of reasoning to its logical conclusion, because, if I do, men can make me admit so many things that are not true.”

“Conversation with the untrained man under thirty-five is equally impossible, because he never converses; he only talks. And your chief accomplishment of being a good listener is entirely thrown away on him, because a mere talker never cares whether you listen or not as long as you do not interrupt him. He only wants the floor and the sound of his own voice. It is the trained man over thirty-five who can converse and who wishes you to respond”

“There is no use of uttering a protest. You simply must wait, and let life take it out of him. The man under thirty-five is being trained in a thousand ways every day that he lives. Some learn more quickly than others. It depends on the type of man and on the length of time he is willing to remain in the raw.”

“You can do little to help him, if you are the first girl to take a hand at him. You can but prepare him to be a little more amenable to the next girl. His mind is not on you. It is centred on himself. You are only an entity to him, not an individual. He cares nothing for your likes and dislikes, your cares or hopes or fears. He only wishes you to be pretty and well dressed. Have a mind if you will. He will not know it. Have a heart and a soul. They do not concern him, because he cannot see them. He likes to have you tailor-made. You are a Girl to him. That's all. The eyes of the untrained man under thirty-five are never taken off himself. They are always turned in. He is studying himself first and foremost, and the world at large is interesting to him only inasmuch as it bears relation to himself as the pivotal point. He fully indorses Pope's line, "The proper study of mankind is man," and he is that man. Join in his pursuit if you will; show the wildest enthusiasm in his golf record or how many lumps of sugar he takes in his coffee, and he will evince neither surprise nor gratitude for your interest. You are only showing your good taste.”

“Try to talk to the untrained man under thirty-five upon any subject except himself. Bait him with different topics of universal interest, and try to persuade him to leave his own point of view long enough to look through the eyes of the world. And then notice the hopeless persistence with which he avoids your dexterous efforts and mentally lies down to worry his Ego again, like a dog with a bone.”

Excerpt From: Bell, Lilian. “From a Girl's Point of View.” iBooks. 
This material may be protected by copyright.

Check out this book on the iBooks Store:

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Part of me 1

For this post, lets talk a bit something about me.

Well, I am the kind of guy who doesn't talk much. I can't sugarcoat my words and can't really lie. Dunno why, It's just they way I am since I was born. If anybody asking question or need advice, I can only said what is best for them in an honest way. I tried to be a person who think from both sides, look into different perspectives. I believe there're no rights and wrongs in this world, only the way how people perceive things.

For examples, in some places smoking marijuana is illegal, in some places it's legal. Some religion allowed polygamy, some don't. In war time, killing other people (that labeled as the enemies) were legal, but now it's not. So.. Think about it, is there in this world that got an exact measurement of what's right and wrong ?

That's why I prefer to listen and understand their stories rather than judging and perceiving from one side. I'm a good listener but I'm not a good talker. You can talk to me and I'll listen, but I prefer not to say anything until I got a clear image of the situation.

also,I'm the kind of person who enjoy being alone, not necessarily need to have a lot of companion when I go or hang out. Just myself or a few selective companion is enough. I don't really like attention or noisy and crowded places. So expect less to bump into me in somewhere crowded or some places on some special holidays.

Being with myself is the best quality time so far.

I got a dream.. A vision.. And responsibilities.. I won't stay, I can't stay. I need to move on, because a man need to chase his dream.

Thank you, for being a part of my life.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Moving forward

Today marks 1148 days after my first initiation, now left 1407 days to go.. I don't know If I can make it but, at least I want to make this journey worthwhile. I want to enjoy the moment while I can and smile with satisfaction even if i can't.
"Even if he dies in a ditch, a man must die falling forward"

I don't know who said this word, but his word had been accompanying me for a very long time and keep me strong. KEEP MOVING FORWARD !!! Oshhh !!!

Also wanna thank to this two people which is still new in my life but making more effort than anybody else that I knew for long. 
Even though you are late, you still go all the way to buy it. :')
And you big guy, I'm gonna kiss you when you come back. >:D

Got job offer from google, but what took em so long to schedule the interview ? Waiting making me so anxious, I really want to work there.. Haha..

So,Days been good lately.. But I can't let it make me feel comfortable, gotta roll and press on. Time is very precious to me. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hard work never fail

So far the year went well for me.. Yeah..
Even though I didn't get my dream job and still waiting for confirmation that I'm not sure about. But I got to work in a place who really need my skills.

And also this year mark as the head start of my own youtube channel. Already uploaded my own video. You can check it by the link below. :D

I know it still need a lot of work to refine my video, but it's a good start. Hehe.. Wait for another release, it's pretty soon. ;)

And also after 3 loses,I finally get to win a championship !!! League of Legends championship ! It's still a preliminary stage, need to compete a few more rounds again but I'm so happy that I cannot close my lips, my teeth always showing up for at least an hour.. Lol.

Here is the picture of my team "TRoP - The Rise of Penguins" (how ironic that most of the team members look like penguins) ;P 😜
I'll say that hardwork will never fail you. You just need to keep trying :)

It's a good year (so far), a great month and a wonderful day..
I'll keep working HARD !!! You must too.

Prana Lim,signing out ;) 😎

Monday, January 20, 2014

Part of me - another blabber

Pain is the best way to learn, bad experiences teach us more than good experience. Human learn more from troubles and mistakes. A lot of people didn't realize this and they always ask for an easy life. They pray to god to set away their troubles.

I have face a lot troubles since i were young, my high school life isn't easy and I commit a lot of mistakes too. Some mistakes could make me jump and shiver everytime I remember it. But, because of that mistakes, I become who I am now. That pain I felt, that shame I get, always remind me not to do the same mistake again. It made me into a better man.

If there's a away to mend my mistakes or to cast away my past problem, I won't. This is what I am, every mistakes, every pain is part of me. And I thank god for it. :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Ok, right now I've been busy to find a job. Because I was bored.. Soooo bored. But, i dont want to do ordinary job. I've been applying jobs to 3 different countries. Some of them were very promising and I like all of 'em. The problem is.. I have to choose ! I wish I could do some kagebushin (shadow clone) jutsu. So I could just separate my body and do all the jobs. Lol.

But, since I can't I'll just pray for what's the best I shall receive.. 😤
Wish me luck

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I like to photograph fireworks, they have the most beautiful combination of colors and shapes.. But this new year I didn't a chance to take one..
Why ? Because I hate crowd.. i tried to avoid crowd and noisy place as many as possible.. So here some of my early works.. Beautiful isn't it ?

And again, happy new year ! this pic pretty much sums my new year activity.. Lol