Monday, January 20, 2014

Part of me - another blabber

Pain is the best way to learn, bad experiences teach us more than good experience. Human learn more from troubles and mistakes. A lot of people didn't realize this and they always ask for an easy life. They pray to god to set away their troubles.

I have face a lot troubles since i were young, my high school life isn't easy and I commit a lot of mistakes too. Some mistakes could make me jump and shiver everytime I remember it. But, because of that mistakes, I become who I am now. That pain I felt, that shame I get, always remind me not to do the same mistake again. It made me into a better man.

If there's a away to mend my mistakes or to cast away my past problem, I won't. This is what I am, every mistakes, every pain is part of me. And I thank god for it. :)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Ok, right now I've been busy to find a job. Because I was bored.. Soooo bored. But, i dont want to do ordinary job. I've been applying jobs to 3 different countries. Some of them were very promising and I like all of 'em. The problem is.. I have to choose ! I wish I could do some kagebushin (shadow clone) jutsu. So I could just separate my body and do all the jobs. Lol.

But, since I can't I'll just pray for what's the best I shall receive.. 😤
Wish me luck

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I like to photograph fireworks, they have the most beautiful combination of colors and shapes.. But this new year I didn't a chance to take one..
Why ? Because I hate crowd.. i tried to avoid crowd and noisy place as many as possible.. So here some of my early works.. Beautiful isn't it ?

And again, happy new year ! this pic pretty much sums my new year activity.. Lol