Sunday, February 23, 2014

Moving forward

Today marks 1148 days after my first initiation, now left 1407 days to go.. I don't know If I can make it but, at least I want to make this journey worthwhile. I want to enjoy the moment while I can and smile with satisfaction even if i can't.
"Even if he dies in a ditch, a man must die falling forward"

I don't know who said this word, but his word had been accompanying me for a very long time and keep me strong. KEEP MOVING FORWARD !!! Oshhh !!!

Also wanna thank to this two people which is still new in my life but making more effort than anybody else that I knew for long. 
Even though you are late, you still go all the way to buy it. :')
And you big guy, I'm gonna kiss you when you come back. >:D

Got job offer from google, but what took em so long to schedule the interview ? Waiting making me so anxious, I really want to work there.. Haha..

So,Days been good lately.. But I can't let it make me feel comfortable, gotta roll and press on. Time is very precious to me. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hard work never fail

So far the year went well for me.. Yeah..
Even though I didn't get my dream job and still waiting for confirmation that I'm not sure about. But I got to work in a place who really need my skills.

And also this year mark as the head start of my own youtube channel. Already uploaded my own video. You can check it by the link below. :D

I know it still need a lot of work to refine my video, but it's a good start. Hehe.. Wait for another release, it's pretty soon. ;)

And also after 3 loses,I finally get to win a championship !!! League of Legends championship ! It's still a preliminary stage, need to compete a few more rounds again but I'm so happy that I cannot close my lips, my teeth always showing up for at least an hour.. Lol.

Here is the picture of my team "TRoP - The Rise of Penguins" (how ironic that most of the team members look like penguins) ;P 😜
I'll say that hardwork will never fail you. You just need to keep trying :)

It's a good year (so far), a great month and a wonderful day..
I'll keep working HARD !!! You must too.

Prana Lim,signing out ;) 😎