Friday, March 14, 2014

From a Girl's Point of View

“You cannot argue with the untrained man under thirty-five. In fact, I never argue with anybody, either man or woman, because women are not reasonable beings and men are too reasonable. I never am willing to follow a chain of reasoning to its logical conclusion, because, if I do, men can make me admit so many things that are not true.”

“Conversation with the untrained man under thirty-five is equally impossible, because he never converses; he only talks. And your chief accomplishment of being a good listener is entirely thrown away on him, because a mere talker never cares whether you listen or not as long as you do not interrupt him. He only wants the floor and the sound of his own voice. It is the trained man over thirty-five who can converse and who wishes you to respond”

“There is no use of uttering a protest. You simply must wait, and let life take it out of him. The man under thirty-five is being trained in a thousand ways every day that he lives. Some learn more quickly than others. It depends on the type of man and on the length of time he is willing to remain in the raw.”

“You can do little to help him, if you are the first girl to take a hand at him. You can but prepare him to be a little more amenable to the next girl. His mind is not on you. It is centred on himself. You are only an entity to him, not an individual. He cares nothing for your likes and dislikes, your cares or hopes or fears. He only wishes you to be pretty and well dressed. Have a mind if you will. He will not know it. Have a heart and a soul. They do not concern him, because he cannot see them. He likes to have you tailor-made. You are a Girl to him. That's all. The eyes of the untrained man under thirty-five are never taken off himself. They are always turned in. He is studying himself first and foremost, and the world at large is interesting to him only inasmuch as it bears relation to himself as the pivotal point. He fully indorses Pope's line, "The proper study of mankind is man," and he is that man. Join in his pursuit if you will; show the wildest enthusiasm in his golf record or how many lumps of sugar he takes in his coffee, and he will evince neither surprise nor gratitude for your interest. You are only showing your good taste.”

“Try to talk to the untrained man under thirty-five upon any subject except himself. Bait him with different topics of universal interest, and try to persuade him to leave his own point of view long enough to look through the eyes of the world. And then notice the hopeless persistence with which he avoids your dexterous efforts and mentally lies down to worry his Ego again, like a dog with a bone.”

Excerpt From: Bell, Lilian. “From a Girl's Point of View.” iBooks. 
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Part of me 1

For this post, lets talk a bit something about me.

Well, I am the kind of guy who doesn't talk much. I can't sugarcoat my words and can't really lie. Dunno why, It's just they way I am since I was born. If anybody asking question or need advice, I can only said what is best for them in an honest way. I tried to be a person who think from both sides, look into different perspectives. I believe there're no rights and wrongs in this world, only the way how people perceive things.

For examples, in some places smoking marijuana is illegal, in some places it's legal. Some religion allowed polygamy, some don't. In war time, killing other people (that labeled as the enemies) were legal, but now it's not. So.. Think about it, is there in this world that got an exact measurement of what's right and wrong ?

That's why I prefer to listen and understand their stories rather than judging and perceiving from one side. I'm a good listener but I'm not a good talker. You can talk to me and I'll listen, but I prefer not to say anything until I got a clear image of the situation.

also,I'm the kind of person who enjoy being alone, not necessarily need to have a lot of companion when I go or hang out. Just myself or a few selective companion is enough. I don't really like attention or noisy and crowded places. So expect less to bump into me in somewhere crowded or some places on some special holidays.

Being with myself is the best quality time so far.

I got a dream.. A vision.. And responsibilities.. I won't stay, I can't stay. I need to move on, because a man need to chase his dream.

Thank you, for being a part of my life.