Thursday, May 29, 2014

The progress of human societies

Another thought that came across my mind a few days ago is that people nowadays didn't really communicate with each other, they become colder, and prefer to deal with someone only if they got business with em, Especially if you're just someone ordinary, someone who got nothing, or someone who has lost everything. They just don't care anymore. "if I have nothing to do with you, leave me alone." You were only valuable when you have something they want. Well,the progress of human societies can be tracked through movies though.

Run through your old movie files and find which movies that have the remake. for example, Robocop. if you look at the old movie you can see that they emphasize more in the emotion of the people around him. the old movie contain a lot more chatter than the new movie, the villains taunting and ridiculing first before shooting the main character. even though it doesn't look so real compare to the new movie, which just BOOM and done. less talking more shooting. other movies like Batman, Superman, Total Recall, Dredd, etc. all the same.

You can see that, how different people prefer movies nowadays compare to a few years ago. that's the sign that the modern human grows colder that and more direct than before. I wonder how will we become ten years or twenty years from now.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shine by yourself

The societies nowadays think that the only way to be a winner is to be surrounded by lots of people. To get a lot of likes, to attract attention by controversial, even sacrificing their originality for the shake of keeping "friends". They didn't care if the friends were true or untrue. as long as they can be seen as "popular" but when they can't achieve that, they tend fall into self pity and desperation. Full of negative thought; "Why did they hate me ?" "Why am I the only one like this ?" "Why is this only happen to me ?" "Why am I alone ?" clouded with all the closed door, unable to see another door open. Giving up on life, living in a shadow.

Well what can I say ? Except, Don't give up !!! Even if it's only one person, go out and find someone unique. There gotta be someone out there who clicks with you, someone who has the same quality like you, or maybe your other soul. and for the mean time keep your originality, be yourself, be your"better"self ! Trust me, being alone for a moment with yourself is not as bad as you think, live your life to the fullest and be happy with yourself. Then you'll shine by yourself.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving on !

It's strange enough that I always get pulled to sad people.. I just can help myself.. If I saw sad people, I want to be around them, I want to cheer em up. I'll do anything.. Anything ! To make them happy. I won't leave until they can stand on their feet again. Call it a pride or what. Most of the case, I didn't do it hoping for something in return. Cause I am a lonely guy, and I know how it felt to be alone. How it feels when nobody cares.. It's just the way I am..

No one wants to be around sad sad people, even looking at their sorry ass is bad enough to ruin your day. Well,it's not a good place to be around.. I know, but someone needs to do the dirty job,right ? When someone is sad.. There got to be a person to cheer 'em up.. It could be their bestfriends, boyfriend, girlfriend, family or could be a random stranger.

There's a case when I use to be a random stranger.. And sadness is what drawing us together.. These few months I dedicated myself to help and cheer her. Now that I see happiness already come around her. It's time for me to leave. Happy place is not a place for me to stay, like a fish out of water, I can't breath.. So, gotta find another subject.. ;)