Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life quest

I don't know why teenagers these days were so centered in finding boyfriend or girlfriend in young age. They thought that it was everything, becoming a couple is a very important title. To be looked single is the worst thing that could happen. I'm just mortified. Guys..,there are a lot more interesting things out there then trying to find a grilfriend/boyfriend.

Don't get up in the morning to set up a FPP (Finding Prospective Partner) quest. Get up in the morning and set up an adventure ! The world is so big and the science is limitless. There are a lot of unexplored places and unknown things happen out there, which are very very interesting and mind opening. Once you go out and explore you see that your FPP quest doesn't really matter anymore. it's just a small chapter in yourlife, don't make it become everything in your life.

Beautiful isn't it ? make this your life quest and I'm sure you'll be grateful when you are older..

Prana Lim, 

Signing out