Sunday, January 4, 2015

A flight that never came back..

On 28 December 2014, Airasia flight from Surabaya to Singapore gone missing after 8 minutes take off from Surabaya. Just like any other flight accident I never really put my thought in it, because usually it doesn't have any connection with me. But this accident, this time.. It's different, I got a family on board. he is my father nephew, going to spend New Year holiday in Singapore with his girlfriend and her family.

The feeling is uncanny and there's a lot of dismay. After three days it was confirmed that the airplane went down to the sea. On the first day the unclear information and the rumors giving me some hopes that there could be someone who survived. I prayed that they were included between the survivors and they were drifted to nearby island. But seeing how fierce the waves at that time through the news, I'm starting to lose hope.

With so many people saying condolences starting to revolve in our family, I still didn't want to admit it. I don't want to tell the obituary as long as the bodies haven't been found.

But now..

It's confirmed.

Goodbye cous.. I know that you got a better holiday there..