Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Feeling of Wanting to Always Be Better

This past weeks I have realize one thing about myself. I don't know if this happen to all people or not, but for me there's this greed I have, a constant feeling of wanting be be better in everything. I want to know more, I want to upgrade my standard of living, I want to become smarter, I want to be richer, I want to be stronger, I want to be wiser. I want to be better mostly in everything.

Well this feeling weren't as strong as it was before. I think it's because of the change of environment around me now. I feel challenged to be better now than ever. The question is it a good thing or not ? Well depends on the point of view I think. Some people say that it's a good thing, it means that I have the urge to thrive. That feeling of wanting to be better, the greed, are great in some area of life. It's okay if you can contain it in some context.

But in some other people point of view say, it's not a good thing, if I let it flow for too much and can't control it, the greed will become unsatisfiable. Luckily for me, I also have quite a high feeling of being a grateful person but for you who didn't my advice for you are to meditate more and try to see from the point of view of people who have less than you. So that the greed won't consume you.
"A ticking time bomb inside you cannot be defused by other people."

People who have nothing, want nothing and expect nothing are the happiest people in the world. I know it's a very cliché things to say but there are people like that in this world and most of that people are the people who have nothing to begin with.

P.S. Everything is okay when it is okay, not too much, not too little.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Risk of Not Taking a Risk

Well as you can see from the title, today I'll be talking about chances. But first let me tell you a story,

Recently I just move out to a new city and as a guy who live alone I have consider to adopt a pet. To adopt a pet, it's almost like to be in a relationship (except this one is a bit furry) it needs a considerable amount of commitment. Which, I'm currently not really ready for. But the urge to have companionship are so strong that I spent this couple of days researching and googling about cats (I also happen to be a very cat person).

After a long consideration about my packed schedules and agenda I decided to drop the issue about adopting pet and move on with my life. But, what an odd, when I walk in the street today, I saw a strange cat. It's a street mixed breed cat, almost like the standard medium munchkin. My first thought was "okay, that a beautiful cat." then I walk away.

As I walk a second thought hit me "Wait a minute, there's no way the owner of a cat like that let it roam in the street. It could be got away or the owner just irresponsibly throw it out. F*ck I gotta go back, if it's true then I can keep it." Then I ran back, but the cat was nowhere to be found anymore. I look around and still no luck. *sigh (whenever I remember it my heart ache)

So.. In this story the cat represent the chances. There are a lot of types of chances but a really big one can pass you through at anytime, in any moment of your life. Some people are blessed that they able to recognize and capture it, some are not even aware.

But the one that I can't tolerate is the kind of people who knew that there's a chance but doesn't want to take it. Because they thought they are already comfortable with their current situation, because they thought that taking this chance means they will risk their stability. You know what ? You might think that by preserving your comfort zone you will be able to get through life safely but, let me tell you something, the only things that never change in this world are the changes itself.

What you think today as something comfortable can change in the future, what you think as a stable income, stable job, stable relationship can change overnight if it's not by you it can be by other factors out of your control. Economic collapse, depreciation, more handsome guy, etc. 

By staying put you already risking your own growth and future.

So, won't it be wiser to use the risk to expand your worth ?