Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Act now or never

Hi,guys.. Recently I'm starting to make my idea and dream become reality. I want to build up my own startup. *jrengjreng
So I dug up all of my past ideas and come up with the most brilliant ideas of all. This is the idea that I got in my mind for a very long time, I thought it's time to make it happen. I'm really- really happy cause I thought that this definately will become the most feasible and the most brilliant ideas.

But F*ck me, no it isn't !

After a long analysis and market research I found out that even though my idea is unique in some part but the component of the ideas were already implemented by another recent start-up. It hit me quite deep.

I always thought that I have a great mind and can always thought about things that other people can't. But the truth tell me differently and I learned that even the most brilliant idea at the time, if you didn't directly act to make it happen, there will be other people who come up with those same brilliant ideas and act.

Let this be a warning for you the bright minded people, if you have something in your mind, don't wait, ACT NOW ! make it happen ! no one can make your dream happen except yourself. Don't wait until it's too late.

And when you thought that you already riding your dream. Don't slack. Time is ticking and there are a lot of new people outside that have more previlege than you.

P.S. This saying can be applied in any part of your life, not only when you are chasing your dream. Tik Tok