Friday, July 24, 2015

Built not to fit in

All this time. The longing of having friends that can understand me. Wanting to be like every other person in this world with the joy of friendship and all the happiness that they can share.

All those wasted effort trying to fit in..

And all these unanswered questions, "how can they have a close friend they can share everything with ? How can people have that many friends ? How can they open themselves and let it bare to other people ?"

Until I realize that I wasn't built to fit in. I was built different. Like the leader that must walk in front of his people by himself. A lonely road only the first or the strongest can feel.

This realization freed me. And when one truly understand himself, it is when he achieved true freedom and obtain his full potential.

To you guys out there who think like me and feel like me, never ever try to fit in. When you live only to please others around you, you only realize that it is never end. You are special, people like you and me, are the person that will change this world. The road of success can only be open by that person itself.

P.S. It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Your life is in your own hands.

This statement were spoken by him in his Stanford commencement speech. I think that most of the people who ever heard about this statement by Steve Jobs agree with it, but not all really understand what is the meaning of it. a few month ago I was one of the many who agree but didn't really understand it.

I was so focused in looking for jobs and when I get it, I became comfortable and ignored my calling to become an entrepreneur, to work on my own business. Until reality hit me in the face and awake my cautiousness. You'll never be able to rest with ease when you are working with somebody else especially for you who are the type that can't or don't want to learn to create supplementary income.

It's not up to you to work in that company or to maintain your position, your life are on the palm of your boss. You are never safe, it doesn't matter how good your works are, it doesn't matter if you are the employee of the month, it doesn't matter how long you have worked. There are my factors out there that can throw your life out of balance. (exp google this company; Enron, Lehman Brothers, Nokia, La Senza) When your company or your boss laid you off, you'll be at risk of losing your life support even your pension fund.

So heed me out and start early, it doesn't mean that you have to stop working directly and entirely, but be smart. Separate your income and make another source of income aside from your salary. If this side-job / supplementary income already can support your life or even make your life better. Consider quitting your job, get your pension early.

Cause trust me, nothing is more reassuring than to have your life in your hands.

P.S. for anyone who haven't seen Steve Jobs commencement speech, here's the link. Enjoy.