Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Infantry Man

There is this fairy tale that had been sticking into every girl's dream, it is to wait for their knight in shining armour to come and fetch them. That is a very nice dream and I can say that it's quite true. Life is a war, a constant battle with every other man and the life itself. And to put it simple man can be divided to three.

First, The Cavalry (Mounted knight), he who was born better, blessed with a kickstart. The cavalry man can easily become the knight of shining armour. They didn't even have to sharpen their own sword or polishing their own armour, There will always be somebody who can do that for them. Hell, they don't even have to fight the war. I got no respect for this kind of man but, there are a few exception, the few who are willing to go to the front line, sharpen their own sword, let their armour scratched and polish their armour back again. And I respect  these kind of men better.

Second, The Esquire, he who was born without ambition or the will to thrive. He whose sole purpose is to support the knight. The Esquire, who although seems unfavourable and at the lowest caste was actually has a very important part in war. If every man wants to be a knight and infantry, there will be no one at the back to tend their wound or to help them putting their armour and removing them. Every knight needs a good esquire and a good esquire is very hard to be found. If you have one or when you found one, you better take a good care of that person.

Third, The Infantry (Foot knight), he who was born low but have the will to thrive in live. The infantry is the always at the front of the war zone and the first to engage with the enemy. Their armour was full of scratches and hole since it always clash with enemies weapon so that it can never be shining and their sword can't never be sharpened enough as it is always being use. In order not to be killed or overwhelmed by the enemies they had to rely on every inch of their body to survive. This make that every Infantry who survived very skilled or cunning.

"If you can't be the first to strike, be the best or the strongest"

I, for myself, can be said as the infantry, although I can't yet to call myself the best now, I'll be come one later. I don't want to wait for the ball to come anymore, It's time for me to go and fetch the ball myself. I'll step on everybody who hold me or weight me down. Either you walk with me or get the hell out of my way.

I don't have dreams anymore, I have GOALS to achieve !