Sunday, November 15, 2015

Use your time wisely

Doesn't mean to judge, but sometimes I can't fathom how easily people get into a relationship. I don't know if they did think about it real hard or they just didn't think at all. After all, love can be a bit confusing and make your brain stop working.

For me to be in a relationship it took a lot of consideration, I don't want my relationship to be some sort of short fling where it end up as a bad memory. So I rather to be alone than to be in a wrong relationship. 

For me personally, there's nothing worse than wasting your precious time into something that break you instead of building you up. Yes you can feel a bit lonely sometimes, but I prefer to use my time wiser. Like boosting up my personal qualities. Making the unique quality of me-ness shine more.

I know this statement of mine is a bit controversial and can argued. But trust me, I have felt it and I have seen a lot of examples. The people who stand out of the crowd, who is charismatic and the one who changed the world.