Monday, December 14, 2015

Don't be the same, be better.

There's one quote that I found in the internet and since then I always tell myself that all the time, "Don't be the same, be BETTER" and that is the best thing that ever happened to my life.

Looking at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, and many other great people that I admired. I can say that I'm quite slow in realizing my life call and quite late in chasing over my dream. So I tried to get as much as possible, learn as many things and absorb everything I need in order to be better. But it's just not enough, I felt that my progress is still slow, there's so many things that I'm still lacking. I'm frustrated and stressed. Thinking that I'm still far from what I want to achieve.

A few days ago I joined a contest to prove my ideas of a startup, although a lot of good response, in the end the result did not satisfy me. If only I haven't read Susie Pan Article I might try to push myself harder and stressing the tired body of mine even more.

"As long as I have learned something, and that I’ve created some value in someone’s life, today was a good day. 
I’m only 23. And yes, in 1.5 years, I will be 1/4 of a century old. But that gives me 3/4 of a century more to keep learning and creating value. That’s 657,000 more hours I have to do whatever else I want to do with my life. 
Susie, you’re only 23. Stop rushing life."

When I read that, I came back to my senses. Life is more than just "this". You got make the best of everything, even lazy-ing around got it's purpose. Life is about moving forward in balance.

Looking backward in those past few month, I realized that I already change so much, I already become someone better.