Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pain and Suffering

I found that it is very common for most people to pray for happiness, for joy, for comfort and for a long lasting peace. It becomes a common sense for us to think that pain and suffering is a bad thing. And every suffering that they experience, every pain that they get is a bad memory that must be forgotten completely.

But have you ever think?  Why pain and suffering is still exist, when there are so many people pray for happiness for thousand of centuries, why God didn't erase it from this world?

If you look around you, you'll see that there are more people who were born under-privileged become more successful compare to people who are born with privilege and why is that? why poor people, people with bad past experience is wiser and more composed in dealing with life than the one who lead a happy life before?

Well, you see, it's the fruit of pain and suffering. It's essential for human to feel pain and to suffer. Only by when they taste it that they can appreciate what true happiness is. Pain and suffering is a way that are designed for men in order to grow, to learn and to be better.

Never fear pain and suffering my friend. Because problems are like a weight if I may say, that if your experience it repeatedly, your spiritual and emotional muscle will tear at first but then it'll grow stronger than ever. 

But with that all being said, experiencing pain is only the first step of becoming a better person. A lot of people can feel tremendous pain, but still the same or even fall into darkness. A positive attitude and a mindset to learn and move forward is needed. One can't be helped if one doesn't want to be helped.

Just imagine that your life is like a game, where in order to level up you need to face a stronger enemies and as your level goes up, your foes will too become even stronger. So when you feel that your life has become a little bit harder, it just mean that you just leveled up.

Never give up and always thrive to be better.

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