Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How death can motivate you

So, this time death happen so close to me, to a colleague of mine, a friend at the same office where I work.

He was talking with two of my other colleague and then suddenly he collapsed, my other colleague hold his head up as the other called a doctor. By that time, we was still half-conscious and still can ask some questions although unclear. By minutes, the doctor came to check on him but couldn't help him. He was rushed to ER but by then it's already too late. It took only 10-15 minutes from his collapse until his last breath.

He was still 31 with 2 young boy and a pregnant wife. He is a very smart man, with a bright future awaits him. He was prepared to be a leader and intended to succeed his boss one day. But now he's laying under ground.

This event, once again slap me in the face. I were once reminded again that life is so fragile. That death can come anytime, anywhere to anyone, including me. There is no guarantee whether you are young and healthy or not.

It gives me clarity of what's important and what's not. There's no time to waste and playing around. I got to do what I got to do. So, when death come and kiss me on the forehead. I can proudly say to the world that "I did my best and I have no regrets."

Although death is the most effective motivation, yet life have its own way to sway that motivation away. So be careful not to be comfortable with your life and always listen to your heart.

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