Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Do Not Run From Adversity

Dear Reader,

It's been awhile since I last wrote my story here and I guess that most of my loyal reader already vanish or forget about me. But it's okay, I'm just happy to be able to share some of my thought with whoever read this story.

So for these couple of months, I've been building up my own company, or you could say tech startup. Like life there are up and down in doing it. But I could say with what I had experience, something could shake you up more than other.

Going through the journey of building your own company you have to take responsibility not only for yourself but also for other people, in which I had never done before. For many years, I have live by myself and only care for my own ass (and close family). I'm really proud of my skill and qualification and I know that I could survive anywhere, so if things aren't going well in one place I could always move to another place. But, when you built your own company you can't do that sh*t above. You can't just run, you need to own the problem and you need to find a better way to survive. There are many people who counts on you and people who believe in you. It is harder to explain why you didn't succeed or why it failed rather than success.

With all of these hardships and adversity, it shaped me into somebody that I used to awe. I have change a lot, compare to myself a few months back, I met with a lot of great people and I learned tons of things. The kind of things that many people couldn't get in years. Although there are still many things that I felt lacking and there are so much room for improvement in the future, but with confident I could say, that in few years time there will be some kid watching me in the news channel and think, I wish I could become like him.

Do not fear adversity, do not run from your problem. Face it and you'll grow.

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